Two Notes Torpedo Captor X 8 Ohm Compact Reactive Load Box, Attenuator, Cab

Two Notes Torpedo Captor X 8 Ohm Compact Reactive Load Box, Attenuator, Cab

Two Notes Torpedo Captor X 8 Ohm Compact Reactive Load Box, Attenuator, Cab
Two Notes Torpedo Captor X 8 Ohm Reactive Load Box. Two Notes Torpedo Captor X - 8 Ohm - Compact Reactive Load Box, Attenuator, Cab Sim and IR Loader. Torpedo Captor X is compact reactive load box, valve amp attenuator, miked cab simulator, IR and stereo expander ideal for use at home, live performances and use in the studio. There's nothing quite the feeling gained from cranking your valve amp in the studio with a wide range of boutique microphones and vintage speaker cabinets, it's an experience like no other...

The Torpedo Captor C is designed for fans of valve amplifiers who long for this feeling each time they play - no matter the environment or scenario. Sick and tired of carrying back-breaking guitar cabinets, unpredictable on-stage sound and stage volume problems?

Of course you are, step forth the Torpedo Captor X... The new Torpedo Captor X enables you to take your signal direct into the venue's PA and audio interface with professional-grade speaker cab simulations. Over the last decade, Two Notes have pioneered the digital load box, hordes of Two Notes users have utilised the Load Box and enjoyed the rich harmonic content and responsiveness of their valve amplifiers both in live settings and in the recording studio. Two Note's new'Captor X' is the ultimate portable reactive load box and a whole load more.

Torpedo Captor X is the mobile solution to your amp being too loud for a particular venue or environment. Now you can play your valve amplifier at it's sweet spot, the point where it's just beginning to get that'crunch' we all love about valve amps, and be able to have full control over volume with the attenuator, in any scenario.

It's even possible to enjoy your massively powerful 100watt rig in complete silence via an immersive headphone experience. Engineered and designed to embrace today's demanding live and studio recording environments, Two Notes Torpedo Captor X brings new features to the Torpedo Captor range including a Stereo Expander (Stereo Reverb and Twin Tracker), Enhancer, Voicing, Space, Noise Gate and XLR DI outputs with 3 routing options (Stereo, Dual Mono and Dry / Wet). Connect the Torpedo Captor X to your mobile device, computer or MIDI controller and mould your tone to your liking with Torpedo Remote.

There's heaps of enjoyment to be had when choosing your speaker cabinet, mic placements, different combinations of mics, the scope for variation in tone is truly epic. Discover upto 32 carefully curated virtual cabs, choose from 8 mic's per cab and upto 8 different room simulations and save your favourites on the Torpedo's 128 presets. Choose your preset, the acoustics of the room, output routing, EQ, reverb or edit any of the parameters from your device of choice using Torpedo Remote. Quite simply, there is no other portable reactive amp attenutator which delivers such universal control of the mic chain and with dual mic'ing per cabinet, there's every chance you'll never use a real mic again.

Twin Tracker' is automatic double tracker. As the amp's mono signal is routed to the left output and Twin Tracker creates another track (a virtual track) on the right channel in real-time.

The small nuances in timing and attack contribute to a much fatter tone and a gargantuan sound. Two Notes designed a completely new Stereo Reverb algorithm for Torpedo Captor X. Utilise the Space control to tweak the width of your stereo field; create subtle studio room acoustics and immense rooms for ambient soundscapes. Enjoy the stereo experience whilst playing at home, but in a live or studio environment you might choose to route the outputs differently.

Select Dual Mono routing and send separate signal to your FOH and monitors; apply different EQ settings and Reverb levels to each output. Don't quite like the tone after you've recorded the most killer riff you've ever written? Select Dry/Wet routing to send both your cab sim and dry amp signal independent of each other to your audio interface; process the dry signal at your leisure in your DAW with the included and critically acclaimed Two Notes'Wall of Sound' plugin. Voicing' controls the overall tone and enables you to change the sound of every preset simultaneously, this is particularly handy should you need to make some last-minute changes to adapt to the venue's acoustics and overall characteristics of the room. Dial anti-clockwise to bring out the mids and cut through more in the mix, dial clockwise to scoop the mids and achieve a more modern tone.

Sometimes, you just need that little extra something to achieve the sound in your head, the'Enhancer' is a blend between dynamic and tone shaping controls, designed specifically for guitar and bass. Thickness' and'Brilliance' brings the lows and the highs to the forefront respectively. Body' will make your guitars tone fatter and have more overall presence. ProAudio - Effect Pedals - Load Boxes & Cab Simulators.

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Two Notes Torpedo Captor X 8 Ohm Compact Reactive Load Box, Attenuator, Cab

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